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Late-Night Ramblings, Revisted

It's too fuggin' stuffy in my room and it makes no sense because I have my window WIDE open and it wasn't even warm out today. I don't know why, I don't know how, but now I'm up and so in lieu of lulling myself back to sleep, I try to get thoughtful and stuff. Somehow, I seem to be much more thoughtful in the late-night hours. Maybe because not so many things distract me and so I'm left with just myself.

I'm listening to some new music I pirated acquired through legal and favorable means, and its made me think about something I'd really like to experience in life. It'll sound really stupid though, so bear with me while I let this out of my chest.

I'm a shameless fan of dance, techno, trance, and rave music. This will annoy and upset about 90% of all of my friends and family I have, so I don't play it when around others. But at night when I'm just having time to myself, talking to Zara and/or just fiddling around my favorite internet places, I turn on my favorite playlists and listen to folks like Daft Punk, Basshunter, Scooter, DJ Luna, and all sorts of various hardstyle techno "deejays". Not a whole lot of people consider this area of noise to be "music", especially when it starts sounding obnoxious and painful for some people. But me, I can't get enough of it. It chimes a part of my soul (if I even have one) that just makes me want to let loose of everything, dance out loud even though NOBODY wants to see me dance, and basically just act extremely ridiculous. It's a great feeling, it almost feels like a forbidden high that shouldn't be allowed to be experienced. It's practically a "high on life" feeling, while I'm at it. I feel like just, well, letting go.

And I think that is what makes so many people unattracted to this style of music; its just not a feeling that they get from listening to it. Who knows, maybe they haven't heard the "good stuff", only being fed whatever techno-junk is playing loudly in man-fueled action movies involving fast cars or club scenes. All of that headache-inducing noise would of course have them assume most techno or computer-generated music will be the same, and never turn their face or ears toward it again.

But there IS good techno and dance music out there. Sure, its repetitive. Yes, it'll probably be loud. But its also exciting, colorful, energetic, and other synonyms of "awesome". Hell some even have LYRICS. Just take a deeper look into it, explore the genres a bit, and you'll find something I'm sure you would really like.


As for me, I'm just about in love with everything I hear. I can hear a good set from someone like Basshunter, and I'll just picture myself in a crowded dance hall, wearing stupid clothing and holding glowsticks, and dancing like a goddamn crazy maniac that would normally make me look like the textbook standard of "white boy dancing". But you know what, I would enjoy that. I could be by myself, or I could be with Zara, or with a group of friends who look just as ridiculous as me, and I would have the time of my life there. That's something I would really like to experience... somehow. Too bad there aren't any raves or trance clubs in San Jose, but then again I'm not surprised either. If I knew of one though, I would think about going just to see what its like and if I'd really enjoy being there. Life's about trying new things right?

....and this has succeeded in me being tired enough to try and sleep again. Let's see what happens.

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Ahh, the future

I asked my sister what I should blog about tonight, and she said "blog about what your wedding and your funeral would be like". It sounded tantalizingly interesting, so I'll give it a try.

....I have SOOO many ideas for a wedding, to make it such an unforgettable experience, but most of them would be rejected by Zara anyway >.> And she would be right to, because those ideas involve a Star Wars ceremony, a Thriller dance to kick off the reception, and riding off in a Delorean at the end and honeymooning at Skywalker Ranch.

...Ok, she might not have known about the last two ideas, but right now that sounds pretty damn cool to me.

In all honesty though, I'm fine with any kind of ceremony, reception, honeymoon, whatever. It should be a day that both parties should compromise about for the full extent of memories to keep and fun to have. I believe that a wedding should be a fun experience, but also a romantic one. She already said how she would want a religious wedding, and her parents would approve of that as well, and that's completely fine with me. I'd do whatever it took as long as we get that oh-so important certificate.

As for the reception, that's also a time to put some real meaning behind it. The first dance is important, the Father-Daughter dance is important, that one dance where bachelors come up to dance with the bride and slip her money before switching off is QUITE important (and fun to do :P ), and all the other things. But I think that there should be something devised to make sure that EVERYBODY can have their share of fun and entertainment, so that this can be a day that THEY won't forget either. Hence, my Thriller dancing idea. It's not original, but it's damn fun to watch and be a part of. So I still am sticking with that idea. After that though, anything goes. As long as I stay with my best gal :)

As for my funeral... well, I'm big on celebrating life moreso than crying over a loss, so I would of course want my funeral to also be an entertaining one.

There's this one scene in the movie "Love, Actually" when Liam Neeson's "wife" dies, and she asked for a particular song to play during her funeral which was "Bye Bye Baby" by Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. It was kinda perky, upbeat, and not so mellow and morose. I would want it to be at least somewhat like that, where people can be happy for the life I lived rather than the circumstances in which I died. As for the funeral reception, hell, throw me a party that I would want to go to. Have some live entertainment or loud music, bust out the dance floor, serve cake and barbecued ribs, speak about me with a smile and talk about the good times. You're allowed to cry, but you MUST counter that with at least three smiles throughout the day. And not the "polite" kind when greeting people, I mean a real smile. That would make me happy.

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So yeah. Get to voting if it matters to you.

(pssst..... pay particular attention to #10.... >.>)

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Lance Meets World

I wish sometimes that I went to high school in the Boy Meets World universe, solely because of Mr. Feeney.

I mean, the guy was JOHN ADAMS in one of my favorite musicals in existence. Not only did he help found a country, he helped some poor, hopeless kid to find life after high school. He was a powerful and smart man, Mr. Feeney. And probably an awesome neighbor.

...He was his neighbor, right? It's been too damn long since i've seen it. I'll put this down on my list of movies/shows to buy on DVD

Either way, that would be a cool high school to go to. Not complaining much about mine though, even though a good 90% of them hated it (or didn't even finish it), I still enjoyed my years there.

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